— 01.07.17 — NEWS —

Wont be updating this website to often anymore. I got myself an account on soundcloud so gonna upload all my mixes there! Every month i will put a new or old mix online! Check my account here.

— 05.04.17 — AFRO MIX ON FM BRUSSELS —

I got invited by Cares Deeply to do a radio show on Fm Brussels. I decided to dig a bit into my afrou house & Kuduro! You can download or listen it on my soundcloud: Click here


Made a new Funk, Soul, Popcorn, etc (all vinyl) mix! Expect tunes from different countrys: Suriname - Thailand - China - Russia - Belgium - French - USA - Ghana - Cambodia - Indonesia - Turkey. You can download it on my soundcloud: Click here


FRONTAL invited me on their radioshow. So i made them a HipHop, Grime and Trap mix. Music from France, Angola, Netherlands, US, UK etc. You can download it on my soundcloud: Click here

— 18.01.16 — TURBOBASSMIX : PART 1 & PART 2 & PART X —

I finally had the time to make a new mix ! This mix contains different kind of music styles mainly focussing on (worldwide) bass music. You can download it from my soundcloud page ! CLICK HERE

— 16.09.15 — LIVE IN BIENNE —

On the 01.05.2015 we were invited to play in Bienne (Swiss). They asked me to play a set on the radio, here it is: CLICK HERE


On the 27th of june we organise the Anti-Sabam Street Rave. With this we want to highlight the problems that are generated by this copyright organisation. More information can be find on the facebook page. For now around 10 soundsystems have confirmed to join the party!


— 20.03.15 — LIVE MIX AT RECYCLART —

Some grime mix i did for a party we organised with our Swiss friends. A mix between old and new grime tunes.

— 08.02.15 — UPDATES —

New dates added to the agenda + a new radio show added frome some weeks ago (funk, soul, Rhythm and Blues): DOWNLOAD HERE.

— 18.11.14 — UPDATES —

Not the newest mix but i must say this kind of mixes still make me happy. You can also download the mix HERE.

— 12.09.14 — UPDATES —

We builded our soundsystem and he's sounding really nice! Soon some parties on our fresh born baby! Also updated my blog and made some new mixes for our show on Fm Brussels (Menage Menage) - but i didnt upload them. Maybe they'll be online soon!

— 12.03.14 — UPDATES —

I am doin my best to update this website but we got a lot of things to do with 54Kolaktiv (parties and building our soundsystem) and Toestand. But if you have any questions regarding these projects, dont hesitate mailing me!


Another great party from 54Kolaktiv coming up. This time we got two rooms: Reggae / Dub / Roots and another with Northern soul, Funk, Rhythm And Blues, ... More info can be found on: the facebook event! Big soundsystems in both rooms! Beware!

— 07.02.14 — DISCOBAR BENEFIT —

You may have seen this online but i thought you might be interested. We will be building a soundsystem in September 2014, you can support us thru the crowdfunding website Besides that we arranged a benefit party at Ancienne Belgique, more info here!

— 10.01.14 — UPDATES —

New gigs have been added to my agenda and my blog has been updated! Not too many updates, but a lot of work so no time to record mixes!


Since the beginning of September we (Alex Deforce, We Bring You, Mezzdub and me) have a new show on FM Brussels every saturday from 21h till 22h. Each of us will do a show every month. I did my first show last week. You can relisten it here: Phonetics @ Menage Menage.

— 26.07.13 — UPDATES —

I am not updating that much. Offcourse that does not mean i dont play anymore records. Im just a bit busy with TOESTAND. Subscribe yourself and you will get information about upcoming events. This information may seem a bit abstract sometimes but i suggest to just show up at the events. ;)

— 27.06.13 — KWAAI —

Tomorrow the 27th of June Madrugadao and i organise a small party with "Ghetto" as the main theme. Baile Funk, Ghetto Tech, Kwaito House or Shangaan Electro, everything will pass by! Our geust of the night will be Marla J! She'll be playing some ghetto music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. More info on the Facebook page.


A blog called "No fingers on the Groove" asked me to do a mix for a new series of 'vinyl only' mixes. Click on the picture above to download or stream my new mix! The mix starts pretty chill but ends quite hard.

— 27.04.13 — FULL COLORZ AT LIEGE —

Ill be playing at Full Colorz at Le Cadran in Liège this saturday. Playing alongside Grems, Lefto, Onda Sonora, Funky Bompa, Kwest and many more!


For the upcoming Dimensions Launch Party at TAG organised by We Bring You Equipe i made this new mix. It contains some new and old Acid/House/Elektro. Enjoy!


To promote last weeks party (H5N4L) we recorded a mix for Kong's show on Fm Brussel. You can stream the mix on his Mixcloud page.

— 19.03.13 — BANG LA BASS —

Ill be playing at Bang La Bass in Bienne (Suisse) alongside Peverlist in 2 weeks. Pass by if you're around. More info can be found on the Facebook Event

— 28.02.13 — UPDATES + NEW 54PARTY —

I added a new section to my website as you can see on the left. It shows a small selection of the graphic work i did over the past few years. I am also updating my blog on a weekly base. Not only with music, but with everything i come across on the internet (good and bad things). A new mix is coming up (!) + i updated my shows.

We have a new party coming up for you guys. This time we meet up with the High Needs Low Gang. Djs of the night will be Baby Ford, John Heckle (Live set), Brice Dreessen and 54Kolaktiv + HNL Dj's. The party will be held at Black Buddah. Only the location at itself is a reason to come. Plus the fact that they invested in a new soundsystem! Believe me, i don't know any location in Brussels where the sound is that good!!!! More info can be found on the Facebook Event

— 25.01.13 — SOUNDSTREAM —

Soundstream asked me to do a set of Dubstep classics. You can relisten it here. I hope to have a download link soon!


After EXIT54 and 54NYE we have some new events on the agenda for you. Just follow our facebook page: 54Kolaktiv and you will get all the news you need. I can already tell this, a party with our friends from High Needs Low is planned + you can expect more free partys (and maybe a new 54CaresDeeply party). Also our weekly radioshow on Fm Brussels is still running, you can offcourse download the shows on 54CaresDeeply (updated as much as i can). Besides this i try to update my blog and 22tracks. With Toestand (Our organisation that transforms vacant buildings in temporary social-cultural centra) we are working on a new location. For those who dont know Toestand, check my blog, i posted a very small selection of footage on there.

— 14.10.12 — EIGHTIESMIX —

Made a new mix. Something different than usual but i already wanted to make this kind of mix for a long time. This mix focuses on music that was made in the eighties or is inspired by that period. It features music of John Gorr, Levert, Joyce Sims, Womack & Womack, Ike ' n ' Mike, Big Tony, Donna Summer, The Sonarphonics, Will Clayton, Onra... Have a listen and let me know what you think!

— 07.10.12 — 22TRACKS + BLOG —

Did a new 22Tracks update. Check it here! Also updating my blog again (little by little). Posted some things we did this summer.

— 18.09.12 — BACK ON TRACK —

After two months of crazyness im back. Check my blog in the next few weeks to see what happened these last two months! Ill be updating the website more now and ill be playing again on a regular base in Brussels. Catch me this friday at Bonnefooi for an allnighter!

Future standards

For the first time in my life i decided to get into a booking-agency. Dont worry, it aient Live Nation doing my bookings, its a Brussels based agency called Future Standard! Check it out and mail Dieter if you feel like booking me.

— 25.07.12 — TOESTAND —

Im not updating this website a lot because im busy during the whole summer with my personal project called Toestand. We are occupying a schoolbuilding for two months. You are most welcome to visit the school, to work here, to draw on the walls, to organise a concert, to have fun, to construct, to come and eat in our people's kitchen, to bbq, to .... Im playing once a week, just pass by to check what days.

— 02.07.12 — FOB SHOW & LAVA —

Download the B2B session here! You can catch me playin the wednesday at Lava, Mezzdub's bday party!

— 18.06.12 — FOB SHOW & 22TRACKS —

This thursday you can catch me playing on the FOB SHOW and on friday ill be closing down the party of 22TRACKS 1st Bday. Expect a lot of new music!

— 11.06.12 — BASS MIX XI —

Finally had the time to record a new mix. This one contains released and unreleased Uk Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Juke, Hiphop, .. from all over the world. Not only deep stuff this time, you'll see. Another mix is also on his way! That mix will be more TechnoacidJackinhhouseelectro style.


— 06.05.12 — UPDATES —

- 22TRACKS (Dubstep is now changed to Bass)

By the way, im working on a new mix so check this page once in a while.

— 28.04.12 — STINGRAY —

In 2 weeks 54Kolaktiv has a new party coming up! Together with Crewstac" we'll be inviting the legendary Dj Stingray! Crazy location, good sound and cheap entrance!

— 26.04.12 — OCKXFEST —

In one week ill be playing at Ockxfest in Antwerp. Ill be closing the second stage together with my man Mezzdub. Come and join us!

— 04.03.12 — BLOG —

After 6 years i am still updating my blog. It's been evolving ever since. Started posting events 6 years ago but now it's just a mix of everything i come across on the internet. Have a look!

— 18.02.12 — DAFUNK —

Really looking forward to his one, lovely line-up! Skream, Ben Westbeech (Breach) and Blawan on the bill! Ill be playing Dubstep, Grime and Uk Bass together with Mezzdub. Make sure you pass by if you live in the neighborhood.


— 03.02.12 — ALL NIGHT AT BAR DU MATIN —

Mezzdub and me are playing all night long at lovely Bar Du Matin this friday. Probably gonna mix the whole spectrum of Bass music. Pass by if you feel like dancing a bit. Click on the picture for the FB-event.


— 28.01.12 — ALL NIGHT AT WALVIS —

Im playing all night long at cafe Walvis this saturday. Come and say hi if you are in the neighbourhood!


A AcidHouseTechno mix. Never did a mix like this i think so definitely check it out if you like Acid/House/Techno! Download the mix here.


Ill be playing at Bonnefooi this saturday. Expect a set of at least 6 hours, starting at 23h. Ill be mixing funk, soul, rhythm and blues, hiphop, disco, house ....

— 31.12.11 — 54NYE TEASER —

More info here.

— 04.12.11 — BASS MIX X —

Its been a long time since i made a new Dubstep mix so here it is. I called it Bass mix as its not only Dubstep or 140 bpm music but also some Juke, Footwork and even some Drum and Bass at the end. Download it here.


— 29.11.11 — 54NYE —

New Year’s Eve is on his way and like the past two years 54Kolaktiv is organising a party. For the first time we booked an international geust (Funkineven) for NYE + we have 2 rooms + we will be playing music untill 12 in the morning + we got a Funktion 1 soundsystem! All of this will take place at Bazaar in Brussels. More information here.


— 19.11.11 — 54CARESDEEPLY —

I made a new Disco and House mix for 54CaresDeeply. First 100% House and Disco i ever recorded in fact. Check the mix here.

— 03.11.11 — POTEMKINE —

Thursday the 3th of November ill be playing Funk, Soul, Hiphop, .. at Potemkine. I start around 22h and play till the bar closes (02h or 03h). Come and say hi!

— 12.10.11 — MO'YO'FRO' —

This saturday we are throwing the 6th edition of Mo'Yo'Fro'. We invited Rik-O, Malik, Dj Pose and Dudeski to come and play with us. Expect some of the best Soul, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Rocksteady, Ska, Disco, ... ! We kick off at 22h and the entrance fee is 5 euro.

— 01.10.11 — 54CARESDEEPLY —

New 54CaresDeeply show by myself. Some dubplates by Sagat and Phrex + some new released bits by Submotion Orchestra, Dexter,Instra:Mental. Check out this mix of Dubstep and Uk Bass here.

— 29.09.11 — POTEMKINE —

Thursday the 29th of September ill be playing Funk, Soul, Hiphop, .. at Potemkine. I start around 21h and play till the bar closes (02h or 03h). Come and say hi!

— 06.09.11 — OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2011 —

Outlook festival was lovely! Ill be posting some pictures and movies from the minute i got them. Thanks for everyone that came to see my set!

— 08.08.11 — OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2011 —

In 2 weeks the Outlook festival will take place. Ill be playing in the Ballroom on sunday just after sundown. Check out their website here!


— 08.07.11 — BONNEFOOI—

Tonight ill be playing a 8 hour set at Bonnefooi. Expect a set that goes from Hiphop, Funk, soul or Rhythm and Blues to Disco, House or Uk Garage and maybe even some Dubstep or Grime. Check the Facebook event here.

— 07.07.11 — FOB SHOW —

I did a new session with BunZer0 on Subfm yesterday. First 15 minutes of introduction and than 2 hours of B2B. Different kind of dubstep vibes. You can grab the show here.

— 22.06.11 — 22TRACKS —

22Tracks launched their new website and iphone app yesterday. They have added a Brussels section and we, Mezzdub and myself are very happy to be included in the project. Together with Mezzdub we'll select 5 new tracks every week. Visit the website here.

— 28.05.11 — FM BRUSSEL —

Made a new mix for 54 Cares Deeply 2 weeks ago. As the sun was shining thru the window i was feeling in the mood to make a funky mix. Thats why i digged out some of my oldskool uk garage records and recorded this set. Check it here.


This friday i will be playing at Mirano together with Shigeto, Lorn, Girl Unit and more! It will be the first time im playing at Mirano so im kinda looking forward to it. I play for 1 hour and start at midnight. Got some new Planas exclusives in the bag so make sure to come.



Its been a long time (over a year) since i made a new Soul/Funk/.. mix. Being inspired by Dudeski aka Diggin Dave i realised i could mix more than just Funk. That is why i played more Soul and (Rhythm and) Blues records in this mix.

Check it out in the "various" section.

— 22.04.11 — FOB SHOW —

Played on the FOB Show (Sub Fm) yesterday night. BunZer0 b2b myself for 2 hours. We started a bit different as usual, playing some house in the beginning. Check it out here.

— 19.03.11 — FM BRUSSEL —

I made a new mix for our show on FM Brussels. A different sound of the one im used to mix but i already wanted to do a mix like that for a long time. Expect some nineties flavoured Techno and Electro in the direction of Surgeon, Jeff Mills, Underground Resistance... Check it out here.

— 24.02.11 — FOB SHOW —

Played on the FOB Show (Sub Fm) yesterday. BunZer0 b2b myself for 2 hours. I must say im pretty happy with this show. Im not the biggest fan of doing back to back's but with BunZer0 it allways works out pretty well. Check it out here.

— 20.02.11 — GRIME MIX —

I made a new Grime mix like promised! It contains new and old, vocal and instrumental Grime. click on the image to download.

— 08.02.11 — OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2011 —

Outlook confirmed that ill be playing at Outlook Festival 2011. Check out their website here! Really looking forward as this is probably the biggest line-up in Dubstep history!


— 01.02.11 — DUBSTEP MIX IX —

My new Dubstep mix is up! Grab it here!
I know i also promised a Grime mix but he will be up before the end of this month, make sure to keep an eye on this space!


— 24.01.11 — NEW MIXES —

Got two new mixes coming up, one 'Dubstep' mix and one Grime mix. So make sure to check this space from time to time!

— 18.01.11 — 54CARESDEEPLY —

Last 54Caresdeeply show is done by myself. A dubstep vibe but with a more ambient vibe into it with some Dub at the end. Perfect study material for the students! Check out the various section if you want to have a listen.


On the 10th of March you can catch me playing with Silkie, Phaeleh, Antics, Subreachers, Daily and 1901. This event will take at the Kultuurkafee in Brussels. Prepare for some Deep beats on a decent soundsystem!


— 10.01.11 — ALL MIXES ONLINE —

Allmost all my mixes are online now. Some were impossible to find but most of them are there!

— 01.01.11 — WELCOME —

Finally finished my site. Made this site, not only for promotional use only but also to have an archive of all my mixes, dates, flyers.. A lot of data got lost over time and with this site Im trying to keep up with things. Have a look and let me know what you think.